What to Expect on Your Daisy Mae Fishing Charter?

Our primary goal is your personal satisfaction and enjoyment!
To help everyone have a great time we offer a few suggestions.

Helpful Tips and Suggestions

  • We are licensed for parties of six or less, we cannot carry more under any circumstances!
  • Bring your food and beverages, we do not supply either. Overnight trips it is best to bring simple items to heat in our high power microwave (Burritos, Chicken, Casseroles, etc.)
  • We have a big cooler and fridge on the boat, you are welcome to use either. The less coolers on the deck the better. You will need one to carry your fish home though.
  • Please do not bring beverages in bottles, cans are much safer on a boat.
  • Sunscreen is a no-brainer
  • Hats, cool and protect you. Light colors are best.
  • Please do not wear hard sole shoes or sandals (they are unsafe in seas), deck shoes are best, sneakers will work!
  • Sea-sick pills are a good idea. I recommend getting a prescription patch from your doctor if you have had problems before, they are excellent.
  • Beer is fine but hard liquor is not allowed!
  • Illegal Drugs are not allowed! Please do not bring them!
  • You are welcome to bring your own fishing rods or gear if you desire, however it is not necessary as we furnish them.
  • If you desire you may bring live bait, we have a big live well. We often attempt to catch it on the way out, but it is always nice to have.
  • It is customary to tip the mate 15%

So many fishing charter options, which to choose?
Here are some details to help pick the right trip for you:

Charter Trip Differences

4 Hour Trip:

  • Catch: grey snapper | flounder | red drum | porgies | black sea bass | hogfish | mackerel | mangroves | barracuda | bonito | kingfish | shark

6 Hour Trip:

  • Catch: grey snapper | porgies | flounder | red drum | red grouper | gag grouper | black sea bass | hogfish | mackerel | mangroves | kingfish | barracuda | bonito | shark

8 Hour Trip:

  • Catch: red snapper | gag grouper | flounder | red drum | red grouper | barracuda | bonito | lane | triggerfish | cobia | mangroves | vermillion | yellowtail | amberjacks | shark

10 Hour Trip:

  • Catch: red snapper | gag grouper | red grouper | barracuda | flounder | red drum | bonito | Warsaw | bee-liners | lane | triggerfish | cobia | mangroves | vermillion | yellowtail | amberjacks | cobia | shark

12 Hour Trip:

  • Catch: gag grouper | red grouper | scamp grouper | flounder | triggerfish | lane | bee-liners | Warsaw | cobia | amberjack | red snapper | mangrove snapper | mutton snapper | cubera snapper | snowy grouper | yellowedge grouper | Warsaw grouper | tilefish | barrel fish | conger eels | long tailed bass | King mackerel | Mahi | wahoo | blackfin tuna occasionally even pelagic fish like sailfish or marlin

There are tons of great seafood restaurants around Dunedin and Clearwater.
Here are a few that we know will cook your catch to perfection:

We all know that parking can be a real beach!
Here are some suggestions to help you get parked and fishing easily:

Where Should I Park?

  • There is plenty of FREE parking available at the Dunedin marina.